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The Wyatt Theodore and Kurt Chisholm read by John Galt. You have some free time, so you go play a few games of video games. Theres really not much else to do, the day has just begun, and you really need to focus, as this is one thing you can never get enough of. A few hours go by, and you get a call on your phone. Its about to start, so call me up when you can. You get off your computer, you stagger to your room. You collapse on your bed, closing your eyes as you drift off. Its one of your regular chums, but still. You get up to answer it, but you get distracted by some noise on the TV screen. Its one of those movies that you watch on your drive. Theyre on their way to a competition, and every single one of them has a fear about the trip. We need to leave the fucking trailer park. You grab your keys and phone, and head for the trailer gate. The hell is he doing out there, man. We gotta go to the mall asap, man. I got money that he should let us use the money hes gonna give us to go to the mall and buy some shit. Hes probably got one of his guys out there, too. The snipers probably got one of his own looking for us. The guys gotta go to the fucking mall, though, I dont care if someone sees him and starts shooting. We gotta go now, man, before we get ambushed.

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