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Also note: The beauty boxes, while pretty, are still pretty expensive and a bit over the top for this time of year. You probably could find something cheaper from Target. Sign Up for the Beauty Box Newsletter:Get the latest info about whats coming to your local Target beauty box. Plus, youll receive a free box when you sign up. Also, the Beauty Box Newsletter is only given to subscribers and to new subscribers only. So if youre not one, get off the internet now. A man suspected of being a killer has been arrested after a week-long manhunt, according to the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office. Jefferson County Sheriff John Cooke said deputies had been tracking 31-year-old Michael Ray Baker of Nashville, Tenn since he disappeared while driving a white van with Tennessee license plate NR-2234 on June 20. In a statement released Wednesday, Cooke said officers found Baker on land near his property in the area of Rantoul Pike and Cramer Road on Tuesday. Advertisement Related Content Sheriff says man in custody in Nashvilles The Last Supper killingsBaker has not been the subject of an Amber Alert, however he is being held pending further investigation into the circumstances, Cooke said in a statement. At this time he remains a person of interest in the unsolved homicides of two women in Nashville. Cooke said there are several persons of interest in the case, but did not elaborate. It is believed at this time that Baker has fled to Tennessee and to date we dont have any evidence that he has either fled to Tennessee or that he has committed any crimes in Tennessee, Cooke added. In addition to killing a woman in downtown Nashville, and another in an apartment complex in a rural part of the city, Baker also is suspected of killing actress Sharon Tate, in part because he wanted her blood. It was his desire to fulfill his promise to kill that Tate at his home, Cooke said. Tates sister Margot Van Der Merwe said the idea that she could have been targeted because of her sisters celebrity is hard to believe. I cant imagine any reason that wouldnt be, other than my sister was beautiful, she said. Investigators say they now believe Baker is the lone culprit behind the Tate murder. They are asking anybody with information on the whereabouts of Baker to call them. Cooke said all information would be considered significant and would be given a higher priority. Anyone with information is asked to call the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office at 615-862-5200. In 2013, two men from New Jersey entered.

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