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You were a man of my word and at least you were properly clad in the. Uh, just getting my nails done. They usually end up being a bitch anyway. You sure this one is going to be any different. Ll probably be with Tom who is apparently a nice guy. Ll be just like old times right. You and Grace go back into your trailer to change out of your clothes. However you think better of it when you hear the knock on the door. Open up you two, I got news for you both. I know that, I was thinking about getting back together with her, but now that the situation has changed, I think we should stick together right. Ll find someone else since she has a thing for handsome studs. Sigh, well what are you going to do, go out for the rest of the night. Yeah, I guess we should probably get cleaned up. Grace comes out of the bathroom and you follow soon after.

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