Charley Webb does Emmerdale co-stars makeup in behind the scenes snap

Charley Webb might have had a team of makeup artists on hand to do her makeup when she played Debbie Dingle on Emmerdale, but it seems that she has beauty skills of her own.

The 35 year old mum of three took to Instagram on Thursday, 8 June, to share a throwback snap of herself and former co-star, Emma Atkins, 48, who plays Charity Dingle – Debbie's mum – on the soap.

The photo was originally posted by Emma, and Charley reposted it to reveal that she had done her friend's makeup after going on a course.

Emma could be seen flashing a smile with her mouth wide open, whilst Charley smiled sweetly behind her.

Over the snap, Charley wrote: "That time I did a makeup course and did her makeup. I'm actually good."

She continued: "Hit me up if you want yours doing. Pahahahaha".

Despite their characters, Debbie and Charity, having a tumultuous mother-daughter relationship onscreen, Charley and Emma have long been firm friends.

Speaking to OK! at an exclusive shoot with Lucy Pargeter in 2022, Emma likened Charley to a “mother figure” despite the fact she’s 13 years younger than her.

The actress also revealed that they live round the corner from each other and that their children are "inseparable" – Emma has son Albert, seven, and Charley has sons Buster, Bowie and Ace with fellow Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden.

Speaking of her friendship with Charley, Emma told us: "She’s very organised and to think she’s 13 years younger, she’s often got a maternal instinct with me. We’ve got a really lovely friendship, to be honest.

"We used to have a lot of emotional scenes together, being mother and daughter. I do miss that. There was, again, a lot of authenticity to it because of our history as friends.

"I took her under my wing when she joined the show at 14 and I think she looked up to me – I felt honoured that I was bonding with this young girl who felt like she could come to me for advice and stuff. It’s quite a unique friendship in that way."

Emma was even a bridesmaid at Charley's surprise wedding to Matthew in 2018 – but she had no idea until she got there.

In a bid to keep the wedding to totally secret, Charley and Matthew told their guests that they were invited to a 30th birthday party for Charley, when in fact, it was their nuptials.

Emma recalled: "I was gutted because I didn’t look that great and she [Charley] said, ‘Make sure you come looking great.’ I was like, ‘Alright, it’s only a 30th!’

"Well, when I turned out to be one of the bridesmaids… I was like: ‘This dress should have been a better dress!’ and Charley went, ‘Well, I did tell you!’"

Charley first started playing Debbie Dingle in 2002 and exited Emmerdale in 2021.


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