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As an extra benefit, the micro-droplets add some water to the serum. You take your time to decide which one of the bottles to pick. You think you should get the one that looks the coolest. You dont want to get the bottle that smells the most bad. Eventually, you pick out a light blue bottle. Theres a label on the top that says Flair Blue. The bottle is very light, and you dont see anything in the top. There is another label on the bottle, but you cant make out all of it because its written in a foreign language you dont understand. The bottle opens up and you see a gray liquid on the end of a long tube. Before you can close it, you feel the bottle squeeze against your hand. You close it right away, because you dont want the bottle to have any bad side effects of its own. Now the bottles are beginning to look less cool. These bottles are probably less hygienic than the others. They all look like they might contain sewage, but this one is stained with blood-red lipstick. You think you hear a woman crying. You shake the bottle until you hear her scream again, but you dont know which one. The bottle is slightly too big for you, and you dont have a lot of room in your pants pocket, so you have to reach the top of the bottle yourself. This one tastes like honey, you say, and it tastes like it wont hurt you, so you can drink it. You feel your whole mouth and throat burn a little, but you swallow the remainder of the bottle anyway. You open the cap and take another drink. You feel your head hurt for a moment, but you are thirsty, so you take a long draught. Finally, you are finished drinking and you feel like you are dying, or at least you think you are. You feel like you are going to throw up. And then you feel thirsty, so you grab a bottle and another bottle from the back and head out the door. You need to get out of here as soon as possible. Maybe they are the next thing that gets you killed. Maybe you arent going to make it out of the city.

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