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This tumblr was like a portal to another world, it was so amazing, if this world ever crashes into the real one I wonder if I will be the first one to be hurt. I could hear the voices of the strange people and I could read their words as I looked at those tattoos. I was so immersed in a world that had no rules I forgot I had any sense at all. I knew I had to get out or I would be seriously hurt. Then the voices stopped and I heard a familiar voice Well, at least its over. It was the other me who was supposed to be my mom, but now was in the body of this other me. Well I guess I am finally a normal person in her world now. With a sigh I got up and tried to make my way out of the strange house and back to my home, I started by walking around and tried to remember the way in. I had to admit I was pretty anxious about whether I was lost or if I had to go the right way. Then I remembered that it was kind of hard to remember paths when you have an extra pair of eyes that were always watching you. I didnt have it for long before I found my home. I looked around and saw that everything was in place, I was home. I was so happy I was in my own home and not living like an animal and was safe. I could hear some noises downstairs, I figured I would go upstairs and check on them, but then I heard a noise downstairs. What the hell is wrong with those people, I wondered to myself What do they want, are they insane, are they hungry, why are they there. I knew it was something important and I had to go help because if I didnt I might not make it out of this house. When I went up the stairs I saw the disturbing sight of three people going to a door on the left behind by the chair. It was a big front door, but there was no handle, of course I thought they were just trying to open the door and I didnt want to hurt them. As they were going to the door, I was wondering to myself If these people are going to the house to kill me, then whats the point of trying to get in. They can kill me anyway, they already did once, why do they bother. I wondered how they knew that I was inside the house, I had just locked the door in the morning. I could hear them talking out of the door Hello, are you alone. The first one was a tall skinny man who looked a little bit out of place.

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