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At first, the flashbacks seem to focus on characters from episodes of the first series that have either died or disappeared. Then, however, the flashbacks go to characters from the first series. For example, the last flashback shows you at a party with Donna and David in the original series. Some of the characters dont make any logical sense. Donnas appearance changes from being a skinny, tattooed college student to being a hot girl in a bikini by the time the second season begins. The flashbacks dont provide any explanation for this drastic change and seem to be just there to give you an excuse why you havent seen the characters since the beginning of the series. I have always been a big fan of the show and was excited about seeing this season after only having seen part of the first series. The second season was probably the best part of this show for me. The flashbacks were interesting and I was able to watch as much of the episodes as I could, which was a shame in the first season.

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