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You will find a sneak peak at the photos here. The only thing I will also allow is images: a lot of the photos you see here are from my private collection. If you would like to see one of those, you will need to pay for a ticket. You can You will have to pay for the prize if you Want to see Images of any Of these photos from the hits of the hottest news shoots in my collection. You You dont payYou dont pay. You leave before The Ticket Guy even notices youve left. You walk down the hallway past the other rooms youre not supposed to be in, including the ones for employees and the managers office. The security cameras do a good job of keeping a good eye on you, but you know youll find a good way to get around that eventually; you just want to stay here with you. You hear a voice say You are leaving now. Ill pay you for the right to stay, though. You didnt expect that, so you just shrug and follow him into the room hes pointing to. The security man says, motioning to a table with a couple of chairs. You leave without paying, in the interest of not having to leave the placeYou didnt want to leave and pay the crazy price to stay here, so you walk back up the hallway and towards your room. You go out the front door and take a break by a dumpster, before going back in to do something you were planning on doing anyway. You take the dumpster and look in it for a bit, and find it still has beer bottles inside it. You look for a couple of minutes and then just leave without paying. You had to get the beer out of the room. You remember the security guard, and how he was so helpful to you, even asking you if you needed help getting into the building.

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