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TheLook What You Made Me Doalbumwill be released onSeptember 12th. These are her last two releases for the2012 year and I think its safe to say that all of her fans are going to be a lot moreexcited about the albums than a lot of us would be. The reason that all of this is interesting to me is because I just spent an entire daygoing through every single song on her twitter. This isnt a big thing because even though shes been very vocal about her political views over the years, for the most part she hasnt been this forthcoming about her music. If she was, her song This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things mightve been a huge hit last year as it is now, but that just didnt happen. All of her songs since have been hit or miss. However, I went through every single one of her songs and I did the same thing for all of her record label affiliated artists. I wont even go into the fact that Im not a huge fan of a lot of pop music these days, so I have no real insight into what makes a Taylor Swift song a hit or a miss. Also, I dont really like the idea of putting an artist in a box. Also, Im a big believer in doing what your gut is telling you and Im fairly certain at this point that all of my gut is telling me is that I just dont like a lot of some of these songs. Im also a huge fan of Taylor Swift herself, so despite all of the problems with some of her music, its just easier for me because I believe in her music. Im not saying that you shouldnt be listening to her music, you should, but Im just saying that I wouldnt be that wild about it. Im not really worried about her being a bad guy in any way because while Im not a huge fan of her music as a whole, shes still got a huge following and probably.

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