Celebrities you didn’t know were dead

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You stay near DeathYou dont want to see any more of this. You dont want to see any more of yourself. You dont even want to see yourself anymore. You wish Death would just let you go. You want to leave the world behind; it hurts too much. You feel like you cant move at all. All you can think about is Death, watching her dance through the corridors. You dont know what the hell shes watching. If she actually has any feelings of her own, then shes probably just getting bored, too. You feel like youre going to give away the whole fucking game, if she so much as twitches an eye at you. You really dont want to think that way. You were too busy having fun all the fucking time. But right now Death isnt having fun anymore, and youre not having any of it. You open your eyes and theyre full of blood. You take a shaky breath, then another, then another. Your body wont stop hurting and you cant move. You cant even think straight, youre just sitting there, sobbing into a pillow. Your eyes open and you see Death staring at you with a smile. You cant believe how fucked you are; all of what Death did to you and your family is just so horrible. Death probably did it all just to laugh at you for so long. The only thing you ever did was sit there and take it like a good little puppet slave. Your mouth hangs open as you stare at Death with a blank face. Im glad to see you up and about again. Im sorry to tell you this, but youre so messed up right now, that you might be a lost cause for any real love. Sorry to tell you this, but sometimes the world doesnt work as it should be. Sometimes a person is so fucked up that they might as well become a ghost and walk around in the world as if nothings wrong. But that isnt happening today, because today, I saw something inside you that makes me think you might be better off here than you would be anywhere else. But I know I cant tell you what that something is, so Ill tell you this instead: it makes me think you need to let go a little. Fuck this, Im not fucking letting go of you. You yell, slamming your fist against the side of the headrest.

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