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You dont wanna hear one more damn joke about black people. You dont get to see all the black-owned establishments in town, but you do see the black churches, and you dont get to see many churches in general. Its like the black community has its own little isolated island of civilization. It might be good on a small scale, but when it comes to the whole world, you can tell this place isnt exactly on the up and up. You spend the next few Sundays waiting in line to see a film at the African Film Festival, a festival made up of all-black films and directed by all-black people. You dont have too much interest in the films, and after seeing the two films, you have a really hard time concentrating. You go see the all-white Academy Award-winning film for free, and then you buy the movie tickets for a theater that is all-black and the ticket agent is black. S a middle-aged woman and at one point you see her lean over to whisper in your ear. You avert your eyes and continue to mumble your prayers in your head. You really dont want to be around her when you leave. T sit around waiting in line for no particular reason. S already walked past you and around the block. S probably already gotten into a car or something. You try to make eye contact and try to say something to her, but all you do is look at your feet. Then all of a sudden you hear a loud honk behind you. Should you keep running and try to lose your cousin.

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