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If they dont care, Ill get right back to it. You: There are people who just dont like us. They would see us as sub-human, or worse, that were just a threat to this planet. Were not sub-human, or worse; the Klyton militia saw to it that none of us died. Were not dangerous, or dangerous for the wrong reasons. Im sure the militia are aware of the situation, if they havent found us yet. We were supposed to be heading to the Gold Road for a job, but instead were stuck here. You: Thats what they call the new road were building. Were supposed to bring the goods from the mines, and sell them to the public. It sounds great, and were getting paid well here at the Gold Road for such heavy work. I imagine theyll be heading to the Silver Road, from where theyll take us out towards the wilderness. Our mission is to get as much of our stuff in as we can before the guards do. Once again, Eliza seems to be there to help you. You really appreciate that, since youd like to be on your own anyway. And she seems to be happy to help along in any way she can. You walk back and forth, taking some things back to your tent. Theres no need to keep anything from the outside world, as it will be a long time from now. FRIDAYEliza: Ive finished packing the rest of the goods.

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