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Ve been having a difficult time keeping a straight face in your new job. The more you start to feel like a total idiot. M sure you were probably wondering where you fit in. D be interested in hearing my perspective on things. You take a deep breath before speaking. S a story about something important going on in the world that you may or may not be interested in. As I said, I have some knowledge due to working in media for a while. S a story about a young woman who has no idea who she is or what her purpose is. T have a sense of adventure like you or her family. S got every negative quality imaginable. She lives in a basement with her abusive alcoholic grandmother and her alcoholic alcoholic mother. Her stepdad is a drug addict who cheats on her. T have the skills or the will power to get out of that situation. You were starting to wonder if Amanda was trying to relate to you or if this game was some sick twisted joke.

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