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Scarlett Johansson, Mel Gibson, and Halle Berry have all opened up about their health issues; a list of well-known actors is also included with most of their own personal health statements. This documentary is packed full of information about these celebrities, plus you also get insider information on many of the topics raised. This documentary addresses topics such as; why these celebrities with sexually transmitted diseases and other health issues are on this list, plus they go into many, many other topics including;How these celebrities deal with those topics, as well as other subjects. How you can deal with this informationandWhen to be proactive and when to be defensive. The documentary even includes celebrity interviews, of some of the subjects. All in all this documentary is not only interesting to the curious and the curious to the curious, but many people. The documentary will definitely appeal to those who want to learn more and those who want to learn more but are not comfortable approaching celebrities about these subjects. I personally will not only watch this, I will go out, have lunch, and maybe have an ice-cream after I watch it. If the subject matter scares you, then you really should NOT click on this trailer. CREDITS:I dont see the need to give a video review, because it would be meaningless. I think this documentary is worth watching, if for no other reason than to get a glimpse of some of the behind the scenes things that go on in Hollywood. And if youre looking for information on things you should know, this is the documentary for you. PROS: Incredible story-line, and this is coming from someone who doesnt really like these types of documentaries I felt like I was watching a behind the scenes look at a Hollywood blockbuster. The interviews were really interesting and I learned a lot about the subjects. And Im being kind, because I did actually In the end, it may have been just me, but I felt like this documentary really did help me to go out and actually have a good life despite my diagnosis of having a.

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