Celebrities with sickle cell anemia

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As soon as I stepped out of the trailer, I was hit by a stream of words about celebrities with various forms of cancer. I thought about some of the movie stars that Ive met that are diagnosed with the disease and got all of the information that they ever gave about it. I hope you find these celebrities with cancer interesting, maybe its something that you know very little about, maybe it will make you think, maybe it will just help you learn more about the disease itself from a different perspective. I would love to hear from any celebrity that you know will be on this list. And if you want to add to the list, please email me at kyleatfunnyordie. I wanted to add some celebrities that may not be on this list, but I think deserve a mention. Im talking about actors that play some of the most iconic characters. That could be in movies, TV shows or video games. The one thing that most of these actors havent done is go on a diet. In all honesty, this is a list of some of the worlds biggest stars with some of the most famous movie characters. If you think about it, its not really celebrities that get the disease most of the time. The thing about celebrities is that they get exposed to the disease the most often, especially when they do a movie starring themselves or in a movie that is about a celebrity. Even people that are not celebrities get the disease from time to time. So yes, celebrities are susceptible to the disease, but we tend to forget that, but then they do give us all kind of entertainment, which is what were all here for right. If you have any celebrity friends that may have the disease, or you know of one that I may have left off, please email me at kyleatfunnyord.

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