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Re more concerned about the nude photos than the source. The sender also claimed that they could show you these photos, or show you more disturbing photos of celebrities or more nude photos of celebrities. Re going to just act on the information right away. You wait a bitYou decide to give this a little time before you act. D better be prepared to act on it sooner that later. You wait a few more days and see no signs that whoever is sending the email is following up on their threats. T receive anything else from the mysterious sender. T say they would, but you think it would be wise for you to leave the city soon. You decide to leave the city as soon as possible. Re not going to get yourself into any trouble again for doing nothing. And so after your departure you have to walk a bit less, but more slowly. You wonder if perhaps things have returned to normal, you can only hope. You also wonder if maybe you should call in some favors, or ask your family about something more recent in your life. You head back to your room and take the rest of the bottle of wine at your place that you planned to drink later that night. You feel a little better as you think about your life now. T go near those women, well I did. You think of some of the things you could try to get a hold of the person that has the nudie photos, like getting someone else to pay for them or asking a friend to look for them. You also feel a little better when you think about how you can start making arrangements to leave the city. Your room looks pretty much ready to start packing up and leaving the inn now. Re not interested in such a ridiculous proposition now. You take your time packing and setting.

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