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We can see that these celebrities are in their element with their nose rings. You will notice a few-of these celebs over there, and if you look a bit more out of leftside, you can see more. And if you look overthere, you can see even more. You continueYou continue to look at the celebrities for awhile, and you begin to feel a sense of emptiness in your chest. You then have an idea that could possibly save you, or at least alleviate some of your worries. Ve lost your memory, and everyone around you and even you, is a figment of your imagination. S possible that maybe everything will be better after the apocalypse. Re actually feeling a little better about that idea now. Re the only one who can save the human race at this point. T been mentioned so far in this game. Ve never been to, but you know that where you are now you can never go back to.

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