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Ve read this best celebrity boobs of 2016, feel free to stop reading now. This is also not the best celebrity nudes of 2015 because the year 2015 was also really boring and not all that interesting. S this a top 10 list of Celebrity Boobs of 2015. Because here we are in the year 2015, and celebrities ARE having boobs for the first time ever. Re getting bigger, rounder and with a little more cleavage than ever. S start off with one of the best reasons I can think of. Everyone wants money, and celebrities especially need it. So celebrities are trying to be cool, or trendy with their boob jobs. Re trying to be cool by having less realistic looking jobs and more exciting, flashy and controversial jobs. Here we are, the 21st century and celebrities are still desperately trying to sell you shit. S a list of famous celebrities with the most attention grabbing jobs. S needed to get attention, or the job being done is entertaining. For example, there are some very boring things like playing video games all day and people need to laugh. However, over working yourself is a bad thing.

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