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We can t wait for medium length to come- back with new look and inspired by celebrities. What new hairstyles inspired by celebs are you waiting for. If you liked this hairstyles article, you may like:50 Haircuts Inspired by CelebritiesThe Most Popular Hairstyles in 201225 Best Hairstyles of April 2013The 10 Best Masks in 2012The latest issue of Shonen Jump has confirmed our suspicions that the upcoming One Piece TV anime will be completely different from the previous two years. Instead of focusing on the Straw Hat pirate gang of the same name, this time around itll be some kind of team youve never heard of. According to the report, the story is about three pirates who find a mysterious island and decide to become pirates together:The Three Musketeers PiratesThe Musketeers are a trio of men who wear the same blue coats as the Musketeers. The three Musketeers wear a special weapon called a musket, but their real name is unknown. One of them, the most talented of the Musketeers, has a deep hatred for the other two due to the fact that he had to work on the same ship as them when they were young. Due to this, they all despise each other. The Big Top PiratesThe Big Top Pirates are a group of three.

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