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Nateleecher, on at 6:23am PSTSome celebrities might be having cosmetic procedures, but most are still not exactly the most open about it. They wont talk about it in detail, and they might avoid discussing it with you at all, but the fact remains that a large amount of their pictures on social network sites and in online chat rooms are done with fake or made up looks to appear as if they have done some sort of cosmetic procedure. 3 K SHARES 16 K SHARES 9. 7 K SHARESWhen you see a woman with very fake-looking lips, dont be fooled by her. It might be from taking lip injections, a botch job or a full blown lip lift. Even if its fake, its not really that bad of an image to have. Mamapanda, on at 6:36am PDTSome of the reasons why they might get a liplift for one reason and a lip injection, or even a mixture of both:There are various rumors that the reason why some celebrities get injections for one reason or the other is because the injections are much more cost effective for the cosmetic firms. There is a possibility that some of these celebrity cant afford the cost of it and they resort to taking the money for themselves and getting more procedures for free. There is also the fact that some of them might be getting lip fillers to make them look more aged. There is a possibility that some of these celebrity is injecting themselves with other things and it is not clear what the actual purpose of it is, this is a possible reason. There is a possibility that some of these celebrity is having injectable fillers to make them appear as if something is seriously wrong with them. Nervousa, on at 2:02pm PDTIts very easy to spot a liar when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Lip injections and fillers are something that only a few people could pull off successfully and its not possible for the rest of us. However, a lot of people get lip injections or fillers for various reasons and its a very common procedure. It is the reason why a lot of people choose cosmetic services. Lip injections are not always cosmetic, even if you cant see it. Lip injections were done to help people with their breath problem, not to make a womans lips look bigger. This is something that is considered dangerous and not recommended in any way.

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