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You say and hand over some of your stuff and you hear Jared and a couple of other guys coming outside, so you head to the door yourself, with Jared holding back in case anyone tries to stop you. You open up to an alleyway and just stand there for a moment. Re a little surprised when you see Jared. S completely bald and has a slightly goofy smile plastered all over his face. I was about to tell you that I figured you were probably dead. I was out cold for about ten minutes before a couple of your friends saved me. T know that, so what do you think. Well I might be giving you a better chance to survive than you gave me. Ve seen several eyes like those. S telling you the truth about being immortal. T, then where the hell did he come up with such a story if he never did anything except make up stories about being dead. At this point he pulls out a small bottle of something and tosses it over to you.

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