Celebrities with colon cancer

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Ve been experiencing very bad dizziness, fatigue, and weakness. Ve begun vomiting a lot more too which causes you to be even more tired. You look in the mirror and see that the dark circles under your eyes are definitely red, and also the lines on your face that you have are a light brown. You also notice a few things about you that are a lot more noticeable than they were before you suddenly left the bathroom. For one things, your hands seem bigger and more muscular. Your arms and legs are slightly longer and thicker as well. You also notice that the hair on the top of your head has turned white and fallen out. S still interesting to see something like this manifest itself. Ve never really been naked in front of other people before. You never really thought about it, or at least not to the degree that you are now. T exactly have an excuse for your relative lack of education. T think your physical condition has been a significant detriment to your ability to interact with others. T feel like going back to the dance hall again. You wonder if maybe this is just what your body does when it gets into a physical fight with itself. As if on cue, you feel something rubbing up against you from the corner of your eye. You look over to see a tall, very pale woman with very short hair holding a small child in her arms.

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