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People with Cleft Lip or Cleft PalateCleft-lip or cleft-palate is a condition in which the lip or palate does not form normally over the top of the mouth. It is most common in children and is considered to be the most common hereditary inherited disease. Cleft-palate is thought to exist due to an error in the formation of certain cells of the inner ear. The cleft-lip or cleft-palate is most often a deformity in the middle or on the side of the face. Cleft-palate can affect any part of the face but it is usually most noticeable on the forehead, the nose, the center of the face, the chin, the upper lip, the chin fold, the chin, the lower lip, and the bridge of the nose. Cleft-palate may also affect other parts of the face in different degrees, such as the nose and the chin. You may have lived so long in the shadows, and maybe you even believe you are beyond it, but you are not. The World of EuropeThe World of CanadaYou are just trying to carve a life for yourself. You are just trying to escape the monotony of your existence.

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