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Jan 2016What are some cool actors with brown eyes. 24 Jan 2012What is the average height of a movie star with brown eyes. 7 Mar 2016What is the average weight of a movie star with brown eyes. 1 Mar 2016Who are some actors with brown eyes. 1 Feb 2016Is it true that all beautiful movie actresses with brown eyes are brunettes. 1 Jan 2016What is the average weight of a movie star with blonde or red hair. 10 Sep 2015Who is the fastest movie actor with brown eyes. 28 Nov 2010Do you have any dark brown hair and blue eyes. 1-I have dark brown hair, blue eyesThe rest of the poll is pretty self-explanatory. Your vote for the top 10 is your opinion about the top 25. You might not agree with the results and Im not saying you should, but thats the way it is. You might even realize some mistakes and it might all not be 100 but then again we dont live under a perfect world, so theres always a chance that the top 10 was not so perfect in some way. The poll will be closing in 24 hours so keep checking at this site. I have to admit, I was pretty surprised when the poll turned out to have so many people voting for a brown-eyed female. I cant imagine how many people thought it would be a brunette. Im also really surprised to see how many people voted for an asian woman. I can only assume there are people out there who dont think of themselves as asian but rather dark-skinned. Well then again most likely this is a representative sample and in all likelihood most of the people who made this poll would go on to vote on most anything. You just have to believe in yourself and follow your heart and hope for the best The original title of this blog was A Man Is Born, But A Woman Will Die and it was an old idea I had for a movie I was going to make, but then I saw this poll and changed it completely, Heres the original post, which included a list of the top 25 actresses with brown eyes. I changed the topic because a lot of people seemed to be confused by the topic, If you like my work, please take a moment to support me on Patreon. A New York state lawmaker who was arrested Wednesday on.

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