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On a blustery fall day with temperatures dipping into the single digits, many of the children who attend Delphi Elementary still wear jackets or sweatshirts. Its the first day back after the holiday break for many of the students. I dont know how many of the kids were sick, but it was one of the most sick days Ive ever had at lunch, said parent Karen Lutgendorf. One boy at Delphi was sick so badly he missed the beginning of the school day. All of the students and their parents are now left to wonder, how could this have happened. There are a lot of kids that were sick this morning, and there are a lot of parents that are upset, because their kids are not coming to school, said Karen Lutgendorf. A day of grief, a day of confusion and a day of disbelief. The teacher did not mention anything to me. Neither did any of them, said parent John Vetter. The day after a man killed three and injured four others at a local factory, many of Delphis parents say they dont believe the school did enough. They gave me a call last night to let me know about it. Theyre supposed to do that a lot more, said parent Carol Vetter. The school district released the following statement:The Department of Child Services notified the school that two of the children that died may have been enrolled in the Delphi Elementary School. Due to the fact there is a high level of trust and co-operation in the district, the district cooperated with DCS in that investigation. The district will follow its protocol to follow up on child welfare matters. Delphi Elementary principal Heather Mitchell has been communicating with parents since the story broke. Im just as much of a member of this community as any other parent. I dont understand it, said parent Susan Vetter. The district says it is working with the sheriffs department to find the killer. Delphi Area School District will work with the Sheriffs Department to conduct an investigation. As a parent, you have the right to information about your child who may have been involved in the.

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