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And I Wish I Had 3 Names, Just So I Could Talk More About Cats. Re using letters to write words in different colors. D like to be able to write more than just a few letters with each one. Re also trying to remember some phrases that you learned back in grade school, which is taking up a lot of your time. T you change your writing tool up a bit, maybe pick up your pen. Ve already got yourself into a mess with all this writing. Re about to start using that little button thing on this damn pencil-like writing tool when you get a bit disappointed. T even try to use your finger. T have any of those fancy penmanship skills you read about in books. T even have any of those fancy spelling skills you learned in those books. T have any idea how to make words like one does. T know what the hell you should be doing with your life right now. T expecting and even if you were, maybe you would have still found a way to get through it.

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