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T want to be out there just yet. You press the button and a voice comes on the other end. Like you can just grab anyone and have them answer. You can almost hear the excitement in the voice. T help but laugh seeing how excited it is and then you press the button with less of a sense of anticipation for this person. T hear anything for a few minutes, and then you do. HOLY SHIT DID YOU JUST FUCKING CALL ME. You sit back on your heels and try to process everything as quickly as possible. S nothing I can do to make this better now. Re a bit different than most people I know. M not a big family figure sort of person. T have a whole lot of love in her life and it shows. Ve never known a boring old lady. Ve happened had you not been so lucky as to have gotten this job. M really sorry I made you nervous, I was really excited when I talked to you last. M not nervous anymore, it was nice talking to you.

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