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While listening to your favorite radio show, you were listening to the story of Man vs. The show described the space race to keep Earths water supply safe from growing population. The story was about the development of rockets powered by water and the challenges to make it safe and work in space. You thought to yourself: If I wanted to live in the future, I have to be one of those guys who is going to rocket into space to find water. Your neighbor has always said, you always wanted to be like him. He told how he wanted to be a physicist and built an entire lab for that purpose. He said he has an office so he could be sure that one of the things he will do is test water and keep it safe in space. He is also doing something else which is to invent some water-saving appliances. He is sure that with these he can keep food and water in space. You will put all the appliances in the home and have them in space. Then you can test them and then put water and food there so food is not as valuable. The appliances you will make are: a water-cooling unit; a water-purification unit; a water-separation unit for water and chemical wastes. You will also want to keep a supply of hydrogen to help power them. He has always said you are thinking too small. You will put all the appliances into the home and put into a space capsule, which will be sent into space. You can then send back information about the experiments done there. And this could help us, to find a water supply on Mars. Kites home has been taken over by aliens who are controlling it. You will use your rocket pack to destroy them and save the place. You rush out of your house and fly out over town. There is nothing on the ground and you see two ships in the sky. They are too close for you to jump away. You run around and round in circles, then you see the big red UFO. You can barely see through the darkness of the trees. You leap up and out of the way of the falling pieces of metal. They burst into flames, but you dont care. You dive into the trees and disappear from your view. You fly through the air, away from the big red UFO. You keep flying far enough away from it that you can get off the radar and then swoop down on the UFO. You fly around it, then you turn.

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