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You go down to the Hairy Bikers Bar and Grill which is next door to the Golden Nugget. Ve been drinking for years, but have a good feel for the terrain. Their main act is a bunch of guys in leather riding big ass horses through the streets. A lot more exciting than standing in a bar, you guess. T pass up the chance to try a new job. He smiles at you and signs you in and tells you to wait. The place is in a mess, but the bartender works quickly to get you a drink. The bartender asks you a few basic questions, but he makes no effort at all to make you feel at home. He sees no reason to waste his time. He tells you to wait a while longer and then leaves without another word. You wait in silence in the backroom for a long time while more people come in and out of the bar. Finally, he returns and gets up to leave. 20 bills and hands you a bill, which you take without paying much mind. You head outside and find a couple of new faces. Re also talking about other things and laughing. T look like much of a threat at all.

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