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They actually feel comfortable talking to you. Re not quite certain about the whole game thing. Re not a huge game player, but you can appreciate something that has gameplay elements to it. Re more than eager to hear more about all this. Your eyes keep wandering to the TV screen, which is still playing the video game show, Which you assume is The Price Is Right The camera keeps following the contestants and the game board as it goes from one part of the studio to another. You watch in silence for a few moments, as the announcer talks about some of the contestants and the game properties, then finally the screen goes black. Re left with silence as you watch the TV screen go on again. Ll pass out in front of the TV again. S actually been quite the long day, but you have so many interesting things to talk about. You sit down on the couch and make yourself comfortable, as you watch TV with the volume on maximum. You spend your time in the living room going through your TV set. You turn on the TV to see what shows are currently on. T anything particularly interesting on TV right now, so you turn off the TV too. And then you feel a pain in your head again, as you wake up. The room looks exactly the same, and even smells exactly the same as it did when you were in your dreams. T very big, but it does have a TV and there are still a lot.

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