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Also I read that you were also in a movie once. Dude, you aint never heard no lies. They got it off of a bunch of pictures they were already doing. A lot of the other actors that were in those other pictures died during the making of that movie, I think they all died, but me and Gary Cooper were alright. The only down side was that the movie was filmed in Chicago which was a real mess up there and I think Gary Cooper got some kind of case of bronchitis during the filming. He was in bad shape even before the shoot. You know, some people think my music sounds a lot like that of a porno director, but its totally not like that at all. I mean, thats one of my all time favorites. I think thats why my songs are so sentimental and sentimental things for me because I love movies. In fact I used to have a song that was inspired by a movie called Mystic River by this guy named J. I have another one called Journey to the Center of the Earth for instance. I like to think that the reason why were all here is because we were born with music in our heads. In fact the reason why I write songs is so that my songs can be passed on to others. I write songs in order to give hope and a sense of well being to the masses. You have a reputation that you write too much. Do you think you have any fears about your own mortality. A few years back I did a song that was almost the same as this one Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Charles Schulz. I like doing that because that one only took about two hours to make. Sometimes I just do those ones since I like doing simple ones. I always wondered what the story was behind How Long Will You Love Me and why that one was so popular and the others werent. Theyre all based on different people I know and its sort of a long story. Ill never tell it, but I did mention one of the song titles in a song about a man who was a murderer and he was so remorseful for all the times he had killed people that he had to live with the guilt and then he killed himself.

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