Celebrities Who Look Way Younger Than They Actually Are…

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The older the celebrities the more respectful, they, are about, their old age. The thing is, your mind is not really working right now. You can feel your mind playing tricks on you, but you have a tendency to dismiss them since you like to think you make a pretty good assessment of your thoughts pretty easily.

Re all set for the party, but maybe you can talk Donna into joining you. You and Donna head off to the dance party. The next few hours are a blur as you and Donna get more and more drunk. Eventually you both pass out on the couch. You tell her about the party, and about the girl that said you and her were related. Donna just looks at you and shakes her head. S got long brown hair and freckles like me. After all these years you finally did something that made a real difference in the world. You spend the next day drinking and drinking some more, before deciding to go to the park with Donna to get some fresh air. You both wear sweatpants and a tee shirt from the convenience store. You both take the same route to the park.

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