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There have been many rumors floating around that Leah Remini has been going around trying to get famous Scientologist celebrities to come out of the woodworks and make a public announcement about Scientology. Im wondering if Leah Remini is just trying to use this as a hook to get more publicity and maybe gain more followers for her website. However, at first glance, Leah Reminis new website seems to be very professional like and its contents on Scientology are mostly very serious and serious-sounding, which could be why Leah Remini is promoting and using it. Shes asking celebrities to come out and do a live broadcast on her blog at to talk about what it is that they really think of Scientology. Shes hoping that in doing so, she will be able to win the favor of these celebrities and help her in her mission of making Going Clear a national best-seller. If youre a celebrity reading this, Leah Remini, Im sorry to say you do not have the publics favor. You dont do itYou say nothing, you just go back to your laptop and continue to work at your own computer. You get the feeling Leah Remini is waiting for you to come out and do your broadcast, but you dont. You decide to go online chat tonight with someone you havent talked to in a while. Hi you say, as you start to type on your computer. You lie and say Im looking at your posts about Leah ReminiYou said you didnt talk to me for a long time, what happened. Yeah, yeah, youve been talking to me for a long time. Im not really sure what happened; its just like you said, I was looking at your posts about Leah Remini. You dont see how that could possibly be a lie considering youve had regular conversations with her about Scientology and her upcoming blog. However, youre not going to lie to her and you end this conversation. You have another one later that night, but its an ordinary one. Nobody is chatting with you and you wonder what the hell is wrong with them. You go online chat with a guy named Ryan. You talk to RyanYou go on to chat with Ryan for a bit, but not very long because its pretty common knowledge that you cant stand Ryan. You get the impression that Ryan is just a loud chatterbox, but the way.

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