Celebrities Who Have Gone Public With Surviving Sexual Assault…

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The current cover features the latest sex assaults in the news, the following are excerpts. A woman was raped in her home, a young woman was held hostage, a father was brutally attacked in the streets while his young children looked on in horror, a young mother was held hostage during a brutal attack, a young woman was raped in a moving car, and a young man was attacked while he was out with friends. The truth about your childhood rape has been covered up and your parents have never told you the REAL story. Your mother, your father and your siblings all supported the idea that a rape occurred, but your mother was the only one who talked to your about it directly. Your father was a police officer and was only too happy to tell whoever would listen. Your father and your sister were part of the same law enforcement agency and were never told the truth. The sexual assault happened when you were at a family function and your mother put you in a room while she went to another room to discuss a case. Your sister was also at the party and saw your mother with her arm around your father. The first thing your sister did was ask if something had happened to your father and the conversation quickly ended. From that moment on, your sister has lived a life of hiding and lies. She has been very good at hiding things and she has done a very good job of never mentioning the truth about anything. When your sister and the rest of the family first revealed what happened years ago, they were all fired from their jobs. Your mother tried to hire a private investigator to figure out who did it, but he told her that it could have been anyone. Your sister attempted to commit suicide twice and has not been the same since the rape. She has been diagnosed with PTSD and was on medication for it, which caused a great strain on both of your parents and your sister. Your sister has never told the truth to you. The real reason why she never told you the truth is that she has a very strong hatred towards someone and that someone is you. She hates you because you are different from all her other siblings and your mother is a very strict and controlling person. She hates you because you were born with a penis. Your sister hates your mother with all her being. She hated your mother and you as a child and she hates you for every reason that a person would.

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