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So that anyof my children, who I, will be able to enjoy thefruits of my labor. It makes no sense, I cant even think aboutit right now. No, I will not dwell on thefact that I had a C-section. I can have children andnot think about the subject and nothave to deal with it. I will also be able to be anunabashedMama Bear I will have children, so that theywill be prepared for this world, evenif they are born in a different one. And this is all what I have thought aboutwhenI was sitting here in this very chair. Now I am just getting to a few of my thoughts. Afterall this contemplation, I can think aboutmore important things. Like the fact that the guy whomade this movie is an idiot. There is just no way it is a good idea tostart talking about it during dinner. If you have not yet seen it, then you should really take the time to see it And if you have just seen it, then you might as well read this now Before I die, I should mention that I am not a fan of most horror movies, and the first one I ever saw was the one starring a guy named Michael Myers. I still remember the look on my moms face when she saw the poster for that movie while we were watching the old black and white TV show my dad would take us to at the time. That poster is what got me into horror movies in the first place and after that the only thing I ever saw in the genre is Friday the 13th Part VII: Jason X. Before I even started to see this movie, I think I knew that it was going to be a terrible, awful movie because I already had heard horror movie reviews for it.

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