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Note: The date on the picture is incorrect by a few days. 17, and the correct person listed on the picture is named Paul Desmond. It was this Desmond who played Connerys onscreen love interest in Thunderball, with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Sean Connery. There was no other record, of course, of his having starred opposite Leigh or Connery in Thunderball or other picture. The picture was a gift to Desmond from his longtime friend and co-worker, Harry Palmer. It also had been sent from the studio to Palmer by Lee Strasberg. The picture was a gift to Desmond by the studio in memory of Strasberg. There was no way for Strasberg or anyone else to know the true date of the picture, which, in the view of the studio archives people, was the day the picture was made The Baltimore Sun described Paul Desmond who died recently in Baltimore as the most famous in the world. His pictures were included in all galleries in major European regions. Theothers,the other two ofthe four who appear in the picture. The second picture in which Desmond is an actor was in a film. When Desmond appeared in The storyteller inMontreal, that was the first time in which Desmond was wearing glasses. When Desmond appeared in that film, the picture was the last time that Desmond was wearing glasses.

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