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A lot of celebrities in the world of music die every year, but it seems like the number of people dying this year is much greater, though what we dont know is how many will actually be in the final stages of death in the near future. To find out, we reached out to the folks at the Death List Project, DLP a website which attempts to catalog all celebrities who have died and compiled a list from all those who have died as of February 26th of this year. This list currently contains a total of 1,094 celebrities and its being updated on a weekly basis. The DLP notes that theyre aware that some of the celebrities who have died this year arent necessarily going to die before. While the DLP might be tracking who is dead, were not sure of the accuracy of their estimates for where their celebs are in death. Were not even sure of the names of several of the celebrities included in this list, which is why we reached out to the DLP. While the DLP may be accurate in their predictions, were not sure of the final destination for some of these celebrities. Were only reporting on this information because this is where we found this information. Weve tried to include a couple of artists who are not on the DLPs list, but the list on their site doesnt have too many names that we can find on other death lists weve come across. Its also worth noting that there are several celebrities who have died under mysterious circumstances that were never listed on the usual death list. These disappearances were certainly not included in this list. One name on this list that were sure youre already familiar with is Carrie Fisher, who died December 27th. While she is not a star on this list, Fisher was known for her role in Star Wars and most importantly, her work on the Star Wars Holiday Special. Fisher was also a talented singer and was known for her career. Shes most famous for her role in the 1977 movie The Blues Brothers. While Fisher died, she was never found in her home and the cause of her death has never been determined. The fact that she never turned up on the DLPs death list even led to an Internet rumor going all the way back in 2012. Were just wondering what happened to her, as were sure she is doing better than the rest of us. Another name you might recognize is Paul Walker, who died in a car crash in December 2014. Weve certainly never heard too much about Walker as someone who was famous, but were sure youve all seen the movie Fast and Furious with him starring in it as Dominic Toretto. Wed also argue that Walker was known for his role in this movie more than anything.

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