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You pick up your phone and dial the number you have just gotten on. When you get a ring, you press the answer button immediately. You might consider me one of those celebrities youve read about, but what the hell am I doing on this answering machine. The first thing you hear is the regular recording of your voice that this thing is known for. I was wondering if you could talk with me a few more times about these crazy weight loss stories youve been reading about in the tabloids. Ive been eating healthy my entire life. I never had a boyfriend, never really had a girlfriend, and I had no plans to do so ever since I was fourteen. But when I was 19, I got a little tired of the way I looked. I thought I needed to lose weight, but that I was too damned self-conscious of my body. I didnt know what I was doing and I couldnt get myself to put on a single pound. I tried everything to change my eating habits and exercise routine, but nothing worked. I didnt want to spend hours a day in the gym or do anything to make my life more uncomfortable or make myself miserable, but I knew if I didnt get it done soon, my life was going to be miserable. One day at work, during lunch, I decided to call it a day. I sat at my desk like an impolite and lazy sot who couldnt or wouldnt do what heshe had to do. That was the last time I left my desk, until I had my first appointment. It was your weight loss counselor that I ran into, and she happened to give me the number to this weight loss center. I called the first appointment thinking I had my life all figured out. After that first appointment, it was a matter of losing the damn pounds. I started the next week on an exercise plan, lost a couple more now, and I cant get enough of everything youve done for me. Ive lost fifty pounds since I found your institute. Youve given me that feeling of being strong. I feel like I got a second chance to live a life worth living again.

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