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You dont need to find outI will find out, the questions arent for you anyway, theyre for the judge. Because if you arent, Im going to make you one. You cant tell her the truth, theres too much danger with it. You know she probably already knows something, though youre curious to know what, you arent going to find out for sure until you get there. No, I dont think so, but do you like me. If not, Id like to take it back if were having this conversation, I guess the best I can do is to be honest. Shes not going to give you up if you lie, but would she really make you a vampire. Would you become some creature like her. You feel like you need to know what would happen if you were to accept. I like you, I like you even if youre not actually a vampire, You say and kiss her. It might be just a fake smile, but its enough for her to believe that she isnt in danger of getting eaten. You cant let her go though. I like you too, but please, you wont turn me into a vampire. I dont want to go through that and I know you wont either. You smile as your head rests on her shoulder. There seems to be a lot of trust in her voice. I wont turn you, because I like being able to sleep with someone I meet for the first time. Id also like to sleep with you at some point. Id also like to give you a body again because I miss it, but thats only if Im not turning you into a vampire. You really dont want to put her in danger like that, but as much as the chances of finding out are low, and with how much she already trusts you, you still have to try. Okay, okay, Ill put you on the list, You promise. Yeah, Im glad youre going to be my host, Ill come to like you more than I already do. The ride to the doctors office isnt as scary this time due to how much you trust each other. Shes right, youll probably get a body like her within a few months.

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