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In this case theyre the faces of Polish athletes, the sports stars from Polands Olympic Summer games in Atlanta in 2004 as well as some of the more recent visitors to the town of Krakow. On his own time his latest face drawing projects include the face of his late brother, his mother, and his brothers girlfriend. Lukasiewicz uses just a pen and a piece of charcoal on a piece of white paper. Hell then draw a face that appears to be drawn by a person in mid-jaw-breathing. Followed by This post is also available in: FrenchGet politics updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid EmailJeremy Corbyn said he wasnt going anywhere in Thursday nights Labour leadership contest and insisted he will stand for re-election as General Election candidate for the Labour party in 2020. But he also revealed that party members who do not back him will be told they can stand for deputy leader, adding that every member of this room and every member of the country should get behind him in his bid to stay. The Labour leader also set out plans to cut tuition fees and end the need for students to pay back their debts when they graduate. Mr Corbyn said he would make a major speech about tuition fees this Thursday, as well as setting out plans to free up student loans, claiming that a third of graduates never pay them off Image: AFP, The Labour leader also revealed plans to stop the Government from removing student grants for first-time buyers if they can prove they can afford the mortgages. His pledge comes after the Commons Library also showed that the Government is considering lifting the requirement that all first-time buyers have a deposit of 20 of the property price Image: PA, At one point Mr Corbyn was booed by MPs when he said: All those who do not support Jeremys leadership will have their say at a national meeting on Monday. Anyone who is unhappy, I encourage them to come to my speech at the national meeting, it will be a big one, he said Image: Daily Mirror, Mr Corbyn has failed to unite his party, with his backers refusing to vote for his rival Owen Smith and some joining the Keep Corbyn campaign. Some 80 members of the Parliamentary Labour Party – the MPs and MPS who are elected by members – had signed a letter to Mr Smith calling on him to stand down. But the MP, who quit as shadow work and pensions secretary last week, is still expected to get more than enough nominations to face off against Mr Corbyn for the position. Mr Corbyn also confirmed he is taking legal.

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