Celebrities they’re just like us

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D be more willing to give their time to a random stranger on a street corner. Maybe, but sometimes all it takes is one person to make things better. Plus you were right before about me calling them. Ll let them know you were nice to me after all. You nod and tell Jimmy you will contact them and he will call them with your contact information. S going to have a few of his fellow stars do the same. A couple of days later you get a phone call. Jimmy starts to say before you cut him off. I was really nice to you, you were really nice to me. I know because you hired me a few times before. I just need you to do me a favor. Call up an advertising company that sells stuff in the newspaper and stuff. Ask them if they can have a better ad in one of the newspapers just telling people that Jimmy Hoffa is hiring writers. T have much time, but can you come by at five thirty in the morning. I have to take care of some business first thing before then. The next day you come downstairs to find Jimmy giving you the usual speech.

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