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S all this that I hear about some guy having a book deal. He is writing a book about the history of the world as a whole. He was kind enough to let a few of us in on the process of making this thing. S going to be a small group project, and the first question is, who will be the first celebrity that we should go see, and make a video for. M going to suggest that I should be the first celebrity to go see. Ve got something that would be interesting that no one else has got. T too many times the public gets to see me doing what I do. Ll start sending my list of names out to various people. M at least sure what the end result of this project is going to be. The first Monday in February you get in the mail the list of names. S been sending out his names as well without you knowing. Ve got more important things to do. The names you get are the ones you selected. You look through them one by one, each one getting more excited when you.

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