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After the war, America is a very different place than when the First Gulf War left it in ruins. After a long, grueling, and costly conflict, the world powers of the world are ready to put this once great nation into the dustbin of history. This comes as a shock to a lot of people, and there are those like the late President Clark Clifford, who feel that the United States should just lay down its arms and take what little resources it can from the world. This is what leads to Cliffords death a few months later. Enter Henry Dunne, who had lost the Presidency and the War but was willing to get back into the game. In his first act after his re-election, he appoints a group of influential Americans to head up an independent government of sorts. The head of the group is former President Cliffords daughter and friend, Ruth Dunne and her group, the Lords of Crimson Lodge. The group is going to bring back the Revolutionary War and reclaim America. Naturally, this raises a lot of ire from the United States and the government has all of the groups members locked up. In the middle of this, Ruth Dunne herself is killed by a group of her own followers, whom she had branded traitorous and a threat to the new government. In the midst of all this chaos there are also some who arent entirely happy about this; they dont think too highly of the American Dream or the ideals of the Founding Fathers, but their main concerns are with their own survival. You were just a young man when you got deployed to the Middle East, and your life isnt quite the same now. You got the job that you wanted, and though your life didnt always go the way that youd hoped, it was the life you worked hard for and you did it well. Its unfortunate that you have to live with a loss of what you had. Unfortunately, you cant exactly go back to your regular life when your life is now in shambles, you also have some unfinished business with the Lords of Crimson Lodge, and you want to try to accomplish it. Now you have to do more than just go back to the place you served in. You have to rebuild it The above synopsis is from the official synopsis and not the movie itself. There are spoilers, so avoid this if you havent seen the movie. The movie itself is a direct adaptation of the comic book Lord of Chaos is a War Game adaptation of the War Stories of the Old Dominion War. It is an interesting take on the war stories, and a lot of them are quite entertaining.

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