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Tommyknocker – I think he s somewhere around. Well anyway after that brief introduction, this is what happens. Re guessing the owners parents or grand parents or something must have lived here because the place is very well kept. Re just looking around the house now when you see a car with a broken tail light parked out front. T imagine why someone would do such a thing especially in the middle of the night. The driver is a woman in her late fifties or sixties. Her hair is a bit grayer and her face is a bit older, but otherwise not too old. She looks a bit stressed out, but not from driving all night. S going to faint, but she drives on just fine. You go up to the car and take a look inside, which is a fairly good inspection. S fairly clean, not spotless, but not filthy, either. S car wash was out of service for a few days. The front door is also open, but it looks like the owner has left so you just go back to the front yard and cautiously enter. T speak or even acknowledge your presence.

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