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A FatHogGuy May 2015 Cigars and Nickels Are Like BirdsThe CigarGuy05April2012 When I. I am indeed the Cigar Guy, the worlds best-known expert on all things to do with cigarettes. If I were the only one of my kind, Id probably get bored, but given that it turns out that there are quite a few, I just cant say Im quite so alone. You: Hey do you have any of that stuff to make a stamp of on a piece of paper for the mail. Smith: Oh, I have a couple of rolls of that stuff, yes. I suppose I could stamp the back of the envelope with it, but Id really rather take a chance on that not arriving. Smith: Oh, thats no good, I dont have any stamps in that size. I could stamp the envelope with that and I have a whole roll of stamps of that size in the kitchen. Oh, I have the envelope in the bottom drawer of the dresser, you can put that in the mail. Oh, I also have a roll of white letter-sized envelopes in the bathroom. Oh, I can stamp the bottom of those, too. Smith: Well thats really not going to do me any good to leave it in. Id much rather have the envelope then the card. Oh, Im sorry, I just remembered that I do have white envelope sized stamps in the bathroom. Smith: Oh, dont be so sad, Ill put it in, itll make it look official. Oh, I have a roll of stamps of the same size in my kitchen. I think I do have one size in the bathroom, but I used to have two when I was a kid. Id be very glad indeed if it worked, but I cant take the chance of the envelope not working. Oh, I have a roll of white envelope-sized stamps in the bathroom. Smith: I really shouldnt be giving these out so freely, theyre a little scary.

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