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Dying from a Drug Overdose and Accidental Death:The cause of death should not be considered as a sign of a persons overall well-being, as the combination of drugs, alcohol and physical activity can have damaging effects to the brain in a fatal manner. While it does not mean that a person will die of an accidental drug overdose or accident, any death associated with these three main causes of death should be investigated. Dealing with the Cause Of DeathDealing with these causes of death is the subject of much discussion among those who deal in the death of celebrities. There are many things to consider and some can be decided based on the facts of the death. For example, the cause of death can be found as it pertains to the person and the cause at time of death. A fatal drug overdose or accident can certainly be a cause of death but in some cases it is not. This is a common case, but the decision-maker should consider the facts. Drug Overdose and Accidental DeathDrug OverdoseBecause it is the cause of death of individuals that are the most well known, celebrities are not as likely to be reported as a drug overdose. However, drugs that are known to cause death can be reported. Alcohol and Drug Overdose:Alcohol and other drugs can be fatal if used as the cause of death. Most commonly, alcohol and drugs can cause a fatal alcohol overdose and it is not uncommon to see a death that has been reported from alcohol poisoning. In such a case, the victims blood alcohol level reaches 0. At these levels of alcohol, there are severe problems, if not death, from the alcohol. A few other drugs that can be fatal to the body include cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. Drug OverdoseIt is important to note that drugs are not the only cause of death when alcohol is involved. Alcohol can also cause the death of individuals that abuse other drugs such as marijuana. However, it is still a cause of death and something must be done to investigate this particular possibility. Dealing with the Drug OverdoseThe same guidelines are not used if alcohol or other drugs are involved when they cause death after being a drug overdose. The individual will have to be treated and investigated in conjunction with the drug overdose. Accidental DeathAccidental death is the second leading cause of death for celebrities. When a person dies in an accident, the results are usually what we find when people die. Death due to accidental death can be due to the natural causes such as falling over or in an automobile accident. Other causes of death that can occur in accidents are, drowning, car crashes, plane crashes and electrical accidents.

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