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After the initial shock of hearing his name mentioned in the same breath as former president Bill Clinton, the man who helped bring down the Clintons in Arkansas has had to endure the usual vicious attacks on his character. Bush, is launching a new fight in his battle to remove Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Party nomination for president. Starr described how he is preparing to file a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission as soon as the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week, a move that he says is necessary for the public to hold the Democratic Party accountable for its actions. He said he is not targeting any individual in particular, in fact he is not even talking about Hillary Clinton as the target of his investigation. That would be unfair not to do my job. My role is to investigate misconduct in the Democratic Party which is clearly being committed in Philadelphia. The latter of which has a longer history of doing such things and I would imagine that would be something that would be pursued more vigorously. Starr said he was not calling for any kind of indictment nor was he even talking about the criminal charge of obstruction of justice for the actions of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the deletion of personal emails from her private server. No, nothing that Ive seen in the media or the stories Ive read in any of the mainstream media suggests to me that there is any basis for such an indictment. On balance, I dont think the harm thats being done by what Hillary has done, has been that significant. It is worth noting that the DOJ and the FBI have already looked into the potential criminal misuse of classified information by Chelsea Clinton, so my sense is that the system has already taken care of that. The harm that may be being done here would be that I think that Hillary Clintons actions, particularly in the emails, are undermining to the credibility of the Democratic Party and potentially putting the presidency at risk. The fact that Hillary Clinton is doing this at the risk of placing her political ambitions at risk is itself a serious offense and one that I think would be a prosecutable offense under federal law. Starr, a practicing Catholic, said he hoped that the public would not be put in a negative political position by his decision to file such a complaint.

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