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T remember ever being told about it before. T really talk about the recent things that occurred in your family; only a few things that happened in the past. S just trying to keep you safe. Your sister on the other hand, is always very talkative. S just waiting for a chance to fuck up your life. Of course in time it would be nice to talk to your other siblings, but they tend to keep to themselves as well. Life goes on and you make a new friend in Julia. S got the same amount of life left in her as you do. You also quickly realize that you might be less outgoing than you thought you were. A few minutes of small talk and then you realize that Julia has come up to talk to you. You look over and notice a couple other guys standing in front of you. S everyone here doing out so late. You never know when your celebrity crush might show up. T know how I struggle every waking hour trying to not be single.

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