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It is also the reason why we are here today. In the spring of 2002, a young surfer called Nicky Gritney was a young surfer. He was twenty-two years old, he just graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in biology, and the guy was going to the University of Southern California. Unfortunately, he died in a surfing accident four years later, at the age of twenty-six. Despite his tragic death, the memory of Nicky Gritney lives on through the stories that he shared with us. One of the more bizarre stories that Nicky told us concerned the time he had with the late, great, surfer, Kelly Slater. He said that Slater had a bored and humble demeanor when they met, but it changed when they had a friendly competition. Apparently, Nicky had to do a lot of showing off and pushing up for Slater, but when he had to go underwater, he was the one that would be able to survive. Later in Nickys story, he mentioned that when he first met the man he immediately recognized Kelly Slaters grit. Nicky said that it was obvious that these two were destined to be together forever. The story had a happy ending for Nicky Gritney. Today it is the summer of 2012 and Nicky Gritney is forty-eight years old and living in Santa Barbara, California. You look around and you ask yourself, What happened to Kelly Slater. And there it is, that simple question that we asked you at the beginning of this story. In the summer of 2010, Kelly Slater did something very different to the way he surfed. His performance suffered, and by the time he came back from Australia eight months later to compete in Pipe, the man nicknamed The Duke was nowhere to be found. When he made his very public return in December of 2011, the man said that it brought him back to those formative days he had with Nicky Gritney. He had been a little too humble as he put it. At one point during the final show of the surfing season that year, Slater even referred to himself as a moth to an iguana.

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