Celebrities spotted in Dubai and Abu Dhabi this week: …

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Re probably the least well known of the bunch. Re they doing here on vacation right now. Well apparently they were here last time, but they left without saying anything about coming back. No, they just went to a hotel to sleep off their hangovers. You and your party head to the nearby hotel which looks like it was originally set up as a place for executives and their families to rest or have an after party. They take all the appropriate security precautions and make you fill out forms to get in the casino. They also point out the various action figures and action figures figurines on display. You also point out one of the action figures on display that looks completely generic and has a face that could be found on any other piece of generic toy. S Captain Kirk from the legendary Star Trek franchise. T some obscure action figure of a random action figure, THIS IS CAPTAIN KIRK FROM THE TELEVISION SHOW, STAR TREK. S some serious collectible memorabilia there. Re not just going to throw that away. Just bring it back when you are finished gaming. You and your group exit the casino and head back to your room with your new Kirk action figure. So, are you guys staying in this hotel or do you want to check into the Radisson. Re the only one who can help me.

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